LPN to RN Transition

Make the transition from LPN to RN at Harford Community College. This selective admissions program will take your nursing career, abilities, and salary to the next level. 

Program Overview


This is a transitional program leading to the RN program.


Classes Required:

minimum of 16




In-classroom; onsite clinical



Dawn Reimer





Courses in This Program

ENG 101     English Composition1               

BIO 203      Anatomy and Physiology I 1     

PSY 101      General Psychology                


SELECT TWO of the following:

PSY 214      Human Development Accross the Life Span

BIO 204      Anatomy and Physiology II 1

BIO 205       Microbiology 1

SOC 101      Introduction to Sociology 

MATH elective


1 A grade of C or better must be earned in these courses.


What Can I Do When I Complete This Program?

Successful completion of the LPN to RN Transition Course will result in admission into the second semester of the RN nursing program. In addition, qualified students are given the opportunity to challenge course work offered in the second semester of the nursing program.


Who Teaches This Program?

The LPN to RN Transition program is taught by experienced industry professionals.