Access to Campus

In accordance with the Education Article of the Maryland Code, Section 26-102, the president or her/his written designee may deny access to the buildings or grounds of the College to any person who: (a) is not a bona fide currently registered student or is not a current employee of the College and/or who does not have lawful business to pursue at the College, or (b) is suspended or expelled, or (c) acts in a disruptive manner.

All persons attending classes must be officially registered for those classes. Children (ages 12 and under) are not to be left unattended at any time, under any circumstances.

Access to the College's athletic fields and gymnasium must be officially authorized. This policy applies to students as well as members of the public. Violators are subject to be fined and/or arrested for trespassing.

The College restricts animals from all campus buildings, offices, laboratories, and open spaces. No animals, except service animals and those used as bona fide instructional aids, should be on the premises at any time (day, evening, or weekends). The fine for unauthorized animals on campus is $50.