Grants Awarded to Harford

Grants have a strong positive impact on institutional capacity and student learning and success. Most of the College’s grants are from the State of Maryland. 

State grants include Maryland State Arts Council, MSDE Childcare Career and Professional Development Program, MSDE Perkins, MHEC One Step Away, and MHEC Nurse Support II (NSP II). Since 2015, Harford Community College has received $3.6 M in NSP II) grants, and as a result, has been able to help meet workforce demands for nursing by retaining highly qualified faculty, accelerating nurse progression through the program, promoting dual enrollment with Towson University at the TUNE campus, and increasing enrollment by 24 students each year.


Federal grants also have a strong impact on student learning. 

Dr. Jamie Karmel’s NEH grant focusing on the civil rights movement in the 50’s and 60’s in Harford County involved approximately 500 students in History, English, and Computer Information Sciences classes. In addition, students in the My College Success Network and Soar2Success programs participated in research, oral history, events and reflection assignments, and projects related to the civil rights movement. Community partners include the Hosanna School, Havre de Grace Colored School, and the Harford County Historical Society. 


29 grants worth $18,534,900 were awarded to Harford Community College in FY 21.


Cybersecurity for Kids

The National Security Agency and National Science Foundation awarded three GenCyber grants to the College totaling $254,055. The funds supported summer camps for middle schoolers which opened their eyes and sparked their interest in the  high demand, high wage field of cybersecurity. 

NSA and NSF grants funded summer camps to boost interest in cybersecurity.

“I liked how guest speakers came in to talk about their experience and knowledge of cybersecurity with us. I also liked how we didn't just get the answers easily, we still had to do some work to find them.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Harford Community College received more than $14 M in Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding, including both institutional and student aid. 

The institutional portion assists Harford with addressing the impact of COVID-19 and the student aid portion provides students with financial aid to help address the financial impact of COVID. Harford was also awarded State GEER funds in the amount of $830,441. This grant focuses on strengthening workforce development and continuing professional education leading to government or industry certification or licensure. The goal is to help individuals who have lost their jobs during the pandemic to learn skills in preparation for reentry into employment.