Faculty + Staff Directory

Strittmatter, Mike Digital Media Specialist Library and Information Resources 443.412.2424
Sulzbach, Bonnie Dir., Advising Advising & Career Services 443.412.2119
Surasky, Terry Assistant Professor Mathematics 443.412.2088
Swift, Julie Administrative Asst. III Behav. & Social Sci. Operations 443.412.2210
Tabor, Linda Assoc. Dir., HRED Human Resources 443.412.2492
Terry, Matthew WHFC Cmty Outr & Prg Spc WHFC Radio Station Operations 443.412.2605
Terry, Sheila Asst. Dir., Public Relations Office of Communications 443.412.2422
Thomas, Lindsay Student Account Associate Finance & Accounting 443.412.2618
Thompson, Jessie Instructional Specialist MDL Federal ABE FY23 443.412.2000
Tittle, Lisa Professor Transitional English 443.412.2104
Townend, Christine Senior Accountant Finance & Accounting 443.412.2207
Towner, Jennie Assoc. VP, Student Dev. Student Development Operations 443.412.2142
Travers, Barbara Coord., APG & Vets' Srvs APG Center 443.412.2612
Trouyet, Terry Coord., Radio Station WHFC 443.412.2442
VanBuskirk, Megan Coord., Science Support Science,Technology,Engineering&Math 443.412.2150
Varley, John Application Developer ITS - Business Applications 443.412.2000
Vest, Kathleen Financial Aid Associate Financial Aid 443.412.2325
Virden, Lisa Asst. Dir., Accounting Finance & Accounting 443.412.2123
Vogel, Josh Network Engineer ITS - Institutional Infrastructure 443.412.2000
Volkart, Dawn Case Manager - DSIS Disability Services 443.412.2452