Faculty + Staff Directory

Bell, Kimberly Assistant Professor Teacher Education 443.412.2648
Bell, Laquazia Research Analyst Institutional Effectiveness 443.412.2000
Bendis, Justin Mgr for Creative Services Office of Communications 443.412.2000
Benson, Katie Assistant Professor Biology 443.412.2254
Benson, Kimberly Administrative Asst. II Events and Conferencing 443.412.2189
Berglowe-Lynch, Anna Coord for Career Services Advising & Career Services 443.412.2164
Bertier, Beth Procurement Asst. Procurement 443.412.2307
Biegas, Tamara Assistant Professor Geography 443.412.2304
Bodrick, Melissa Student Development Specialist Advising & Career Services 443.412.2149
Boston, Catherine Coord for Campus Operations Environmental & Occupational Health 443.412.2285
Bray, John Assistant Professor Mathematics 443.412.2543
Brock-Cancellieri, Mark Assistant Professor English 443.412.2000
Brooks, Sandy Accounting Associate Finance & Accounting 443.412.2245
Brown, Claudia Professor Mass Communications 443.412.2126
Brown, Jerome Assistant Professor Computer Science 443.412.2125
Budelis, George Academic Advisor Advising & Career Services 443.412.2185
Budelis, Jennifer Administrative Asst. III Enrollment Management 443.412.2564
Burchett, Ruby Dir for Enroll Mgmt Ops Testing 443.412.2476
Burchill, Russell Assistant Professor Computer Technology 443.412.2101
Burke, Laura Student Wellness Specialist Student Life 443.412.2090