Faculty + Staff Directory

Etzel, Yin Technology Spec. ITS - Academic Technology Service 443.412.2194
Everett, Kari Instr Design Technologist E-Learning 443.412.2079
Fantom, Adam Instr. Design Technologist E-Learning 443.412.2078
Feehley, Mary Administrative Assistant II Literacy Education 443.412.2674
Felder, Theresa College President President of the College 443.412.2475
Feldman, Donna Technology Spec. II ITS - Academic Technology Service 443.412.2390
Fisk, Christine Associate Director for Finance Finance & Accounting 443.412.2469
Fisler, Ben Professor Theatre & Performing Arts 443.412.2644
Flores, Griselda Director for Student Life Student Life 443.412.2000
Ford, Daniel Assistant Professor Biology 443.412.2544
Fornwalt, Adam Mgr., Sports Information Athletics 443.412.2000
Franzoni, Olga Banner Functional Coordinator ITS - Institutional Enterprise Info 443.412.2215
Fredenrich, Michelle Manager for Benefits & EE Well Human Resources 443.412.2000
Fritze, Ralf Assistant Professor Computer Technology 443.412.2441
Gainey, Alicia Assistant Professor MHEC NSP II 21-107 443.412.2623
Gallagher, Mary Beverly Assistant Professor Associates Degree Nursing 443.412.2000
Gallihue, Suzanne Asst. Dir., Financial Aid Financial Aid 443.412.2248
Galvan, Sonia Associate Professor Associates Degree Nursing 443.412.2545
Garza, Deanna Assistant Professor Associates Degree Nursing 443.412.2739
Gasswint, Heather Administrative Assistant II Community Education 443.412.2241